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Chris Barber

Full Statement

Media:  Wood

Cutting Boards
Chris Barber is a Tennessee based furniture-maker and cabinetmaker. Growing up in Minneapolis, MN, he started out early with a strong interest in art, and could often be found drawing elaborate machines, monsters and contraptions. Over time, this artistic ability transformed into a desire to start building; first skateboard ramps, then small boxes and display cases, and eventually furniture.

My designs come from a variety of inspirations. First the wood itself - each piece has unique and subtle characteristics, and I take great joy in finding the best way to showcase them. Sometimes a piece of figured wood will sit in the shop for years before I find the right use for it. Other inspirations come from classic furniture makers and pieces, ranging from Arts and Crafts, Shaker and Danish Modern furniture. And lastly, I'm heavily inspired by environmental surroundings - automobiles, bridges, architecture. Some of my furniture over the last few years has been an effort to reinterpret Hot Rod pin-striping, pioneered by Von Dutch. This is done by laminating curved "stripes" of wood within a contrasting species. I plan on continuing to explore what can be done with this technique.