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Erin Gafill

Full Statement

Media:  Painting, Oil

"Lemons from the Orchard
Lemons in a Chinese Bowl
3 Tangerines
Chinese Jars with Lemons
Lemons in a Bowl
Chinese Jars
Erin Gafill

Erin's work is infused with the color and light of the Big Sur Coast of California, where she lives and paints. Her abstracted landscapes celebrate the beauty and mystery of the natural world. Through her painting Erin looks for the essential within the ordinary, finding beauty, mystery and magic in simple forms irradiating light. Named a Champion of the Arts in 2009 by the United States Congress and the Art Council of Monterey County, California, Erin and her husband toured the country in 2010 bringing free arts enrichment programs to 17 cities from Texas to Vermont.