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Clay Binkley

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Media:  Metal

Yellow Petal Mirror
Gray Square Tubing Miror
Galvanized Mirror
Long Leaf Brown Mirror
Red Petal Mirror
Long Leaf Two-Tone Mirror
Rusty Brown Mirror
Gray Frame
Rusty Frame
Long Leaf Mirror
Clay Binkley crafts beauty from ashes...literally. Clay has rescued burned out tin roofs and barn wood to create tables with textured tin-roof tops and classic, rolled picture frames. He finds art and function, combining salvaged materials like a Caterpillar skidder he and his wife found half-buried in the woods of their local property, "See Ruby Falls" painted tin roof that he bought from a farmer years ago, used up guitar strings and yanked out floor joists and beams, to make sculpted mirrors, frames and functional architectural pieces.

A fun day for me is rambling through a scrap yard, searching for metal objects to transform into functional art. I take various metals, such as rusty roofing tin, automobile bodies, old signs, and other metal objects, with their natural patinas and shape them into mirrors and picture frames or tables.

To me it's like bringing something useless and discarded, back to life - and that's rewarding. Otherwise my materials might be dying a slow death in a landfill somewhere.