Deanna Clayton

Deanna Clayton

Deanna Clayton                                                                   Wisconsin

B.F.A. University Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, 2002

Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, 1988-1990



Glass as an artistic medium was introduced to me when I was 19 years old. Up until that point my artistic expression was through drawing and printmaking. I had never considered myself to be a sculptor. I immediately realized the incredible potential in glass as an artistic medium. In the 1980s, glass was in the early stages of being recognized as a valid contemporary art form. The sky was the limit. I experienced many forms of glass working such as glassblowing, sandcasting, fusing and neon but it was the glass casting technique called pate de verre or "paste of glass" that spoke to me. The aesthetic qualities of pate de verre became my artistic language. After 30 years working in this way I never tire of its beauty and limitless potential for expression. 


The "Sisters Series" cherishes the ephemeral quality of humanity. The Glass brings a life like quality to the figures, and light removes the rigidity giving them ease. They became the "Sisters Series" after having made several of them. Each one is different yet people would referred to them as sisters, as if they belonged together. Much like siblings that are raised in the same house yet are very much individuals. I've enjoy this response from the viewer. These figures are all unique but come from the same mind.

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