Jim Whipple

Jim Whipple



My love and interests in life play a major role in my design process and the final pieces, while at the same time, I try to make a creative connection with people through my artwork by incorporating or making things that are near and dear to me. The jewelry is best described as wearable art that can be displayed either on or off the body. I do not use precious metals other than sterling silver. Most of the jewelry is composed of brass, copper or stainless steel, combined with unusual mechanical parts, gears, vintage beads, buttons and a variety of other items that lend themselves to my designs due to the shape, color, condition, function or historical relevance. Many of the pieces are made from unique found objects, but also flow in and out the realm of human realities. Whether it’s repurposing found objects to give them new life, or to use something other than for its intended use to push the limits of design and function, my desire to constantly grow as an artist and produce unique one-of-a-kind pieces of art builds a bridge to people, and it’s within those connections that fuel my love of art and guide me into the future, while embracing those things from the past and present.



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