Judith Neugebauer

Judith Neugebauer

Judith Neugebauer



Having studied both theater and classical ballet, Ms. Neugebauer has a strong appreciation for line, movement and balance. The oriental aesthetics learned through her work in clay is also evident in her engaging work. Her jewelry is formed by die-casting sterling silver and coating it with a 23K gold overlay before creating intricate designs using copper, nickel, gold and bronze.   


Care of Jewelry:

My jewelry is made of sterling silver and 23k gold leaf. It is protected by several layers of hard lacquer. To maintain the finish on these pieces all one needs to do is to wipe with a damp cloth. No jewelry cleaners, cloths or silver polishes should ever be used on the jewelry. Avoid using hair sprays or spray perfume when wearing your jewelry as the sprays will interact with the lacquer. Also, repeated abrasion (telephone against the earrings can mar the lacquer finish. With common sense minimal care (storing earrings separately), your jewelry will remain in perfect condition for many years. 

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