Brad Robertson

Brad Robertson

Brad Robertson


BFA, Auburn University, 1999


Born and raised in coastal Alabama, I have painted all my life, inspired in the beginning by indigenous trees and bodies of water. Over the years in college, an art professor discovered my ability to work with color. This laid the foundation and tone for current works, and texture, which created the depth and a more interesting composition and expression of what moves me. The coastal way of life lulled me back home to my roots. From that point, I have spent more than a decade working to find innovative ways to combine color and texture in my work to evoke eternal, multi-layered shorelines, landscapes, horizons and portals. 


My painting is, and will hopefully remain, an absolutely fulfilling use of my time because I can’t imagine ever doing anything else for a living. When people look at my paintings and are able to define them in their own terms, I feel like my work has accomplished its purpose. And good background music never hurts the creative flow.



Permanent Collections

RSA Tower at the Battle House Hotel, Mobile, AL

The Southern Company, HQ, Mobile, AL

Riverview Plaza Hotel, Mobile, AL

Energen Corporation, Birmingham, AL

Burr+Forman, Mobile, AL

Iberia Bank, Mobile and Fairhope, AL



Arts Council Design Selection, Mobile, Al – 2009 

Space 301 People’s Choice and Mobile Press-Register Art Show – Winner – 2005 

Energen Corporation Award, Birmingham, AL – 2010 and 2006



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