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Friday, July 26, 11-4pm


Ceramic Demo with Mary Lynn Portera




"Although I am interested in multiple media, clay seems to primarily be the common denominator that allows me to express the many ideas racing through my head. I love the feel and the suppleness of clay, yet its strength and determination humble me. Although function is part of my being, abstract form is a constant addition."


-Mary Lynn Portera

Blue Vessel, ceramic, Mary Lynn Portera


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Saturday, August 3, 11-1pm


Painting Demo with Dennis Heckler




"As a landscape artist I am inspired to paint scenes to which I have an emotional or visual connection. Many subjects are everyday places that might go unnoticed without a closer look. Through dramatic lighting, vibrant color, thickly applied paint, unique perspective or interpretation of image, I hope people who view my work will pause—if only for a moment—and find their own connection to a painting."


-Dennis Heckler

Valley Sunset, oil on panel, Dennis Heckler


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Saturday, August 24, 10-5pm


Jewelry Demo with Nola Smodic





My pieces are inspired by snippets of nature and memory. I work in precious metals, precious gemstones, resin, and bits of ephemera I have collected along the way. I add original paintings and photography where they make sense. Sometimes my jewelry is quietly symmetrical and elegant, and often it is quirky and playful. Color is the unifying element that brings balance and cohesiveness to my work. It is my hope that my artwork appears to have a story to tell. I invite you to add your story to mine and make it completely yours.


-Nola Smodic

Kunzite, Phosphosiderite, and Carnelian necklace, Nola Smodic


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