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Anthony Raffalovich Demo


Saturday, June 17, 1-3pm


It is may attempt to explore an imaginary group of creatures finding their way in a new world. Through color, texture, form, materials, and expressions, these beings discover the mystery of nature and gather the elements they find along the path to personal fulfillment.


-Anthony Raffalovich



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Debra Nadelhoffer Demo


Saturday, July 8, 1-3pm


Plein air painting demands simplification as I employ all my artistic skills to create an honest interpretation of the gestures, rhythms, atmosphere, light and colors in the landscape. Seeing and recording the underlying abstraction of a scene remains a challenge every time I step up to the easel.


-Debra Nadelhoffer



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Pat Snyder Demo


Saturday, August 19, 1-3pm


As the painting begins to take form, I may become aware of my unconscious moving to the conscious – a headline from the news, patterns from clothing I wore when I was younger, the colors of the fruits and vegetables I saw at the produce stand. I step back and observe the feelings and emotions the painting provokes.

-Pat Snyder



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Mari Kuroda Demo


Saturday, August 26, 2:30-4:30pm


Born in Rural Japan, Mari's father taught her English and Ikebana. As an adult, she studied tea ceremony and came to appreciate the beauty of simplicity. Mari moved to the US in 1987 and learned to express herself in her work. Enjoy talking with Mari as you see how Ikebana is incorporated into her art!!




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Jay Pfeil Etching Demo


Saturday, September 2, 1-4pm


Jay Pfeil enjoys working with multiple plates, which give her etchings a wide range of colors.  Each of her prints is an original: hand-pulled, signed and numbered in limited editions. Jay is most inspired by long hikes through the mountains, where weeds, wildflowers, and other botanicals are found in natural abundance.



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Dennis Heckler Painting Demo


Saturday, September 16, 1-4 pm


I have always been a traveler and explorer. I go from city blocks to country roads, into the woods, and across rivers looking for scenes that inspire and can be saved on canvas—to be enjoyed over and over again.

- Dennis Heckler



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