Pat Bridges

Pat Bridges


AA/Fine Arts, Nashville School of Art, Tennessee, 1991

MA/Speech and Language Communication, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, 1971

BA/Psychology, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, 1969


A native of Niagara Falls, New York, Pat also lived in New Orleans, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, and rural Arkansas before moving to Tennessee in 1985. She values the experience of living in a variety of locales as having contributed color and character to her art today. 


Guided by her personal philosophy that “art is everywhere,” her art is an eclectic blend of decorative and interpretive styles in a variety of medium and subject. Pat worked for several years in acrylic and watercolor before switching to printmaking.  She found this to be a fascinating medium that she continued to rework into etching and silkscreen her favorite subjects: rural scenes, birds, and flowers.


A life-long program of continuing education has led her to study with such notables as Zoltan Szabo, Barbara Necchis, Daniel Greene, and Alex Poers. In 1991 Pat received a degree of fine art from the Nashville School of Art. 


A versatile artisan, she has received numerous awards for her work in printmaking, as well as for pastel portraiture, painting, and commercial illustration.


Pat is a member of the Nashville Guild of Artists, the Provincetown Art Association, and Signature Member of the Miniature Artist of America, and the Miniature Art Societies of Georgia, New Jersey, and Florida.  In addition to extensive exhibition and gallery shows, her prints and original paintings are in collections nationwide. 

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