D. Langford Kühn

D. Langford Kühn


BA in Fine Arts, Valdosta State College, GA

MS in Ceramics, University of Tennessee, TN



The ‘Purple Martin Vase’ began with a walk in the woods, the wind whispering through the pines, the sky a crystal abyss in the clear morning light. A flash of black wings glistening with a rosy sheen, the Purple Martins filled my sight.


In that fleeting, magical moment I knew that spring had come home. . .


The primary purpose of my art is to embrace the illusionary and emotional content of traditional painting and a traditional sense of beauty. Through the precisely rendered images that describe a moment and a place in time, I aspire to communicate the feelings they arouse in me.

Color, texture, details and light excite the senses, sooth the senses. My aesthetic intention is to provide a visual sanctuary, transporting the viewer to a private, magical world of nature. Porcelain’s whiteness, smoothness, translucency and unique ability to express exquisiteness and delicacy are essential to the realization of that intention.


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