edie Maney

edie Maney

edie Maney


BA/Social Work, University of Georgia

Watkins Institute, Nashville School of Art

Cheekwood Fine Arts Center, Nashville

Mississippi State University, Starkville



Color intoxicates me

It’s spontaneous.  There is no resisting the call of paint to canvas.

I feel free.  I meditate.  I explore.


For me, it is color that stimulates a conversation between tone and texture,

Between motion and shape.  Four, five, size layers emerge-and a focal

point is revealed.


Credit cards. Squeegees. Fingertips.

There are endless possibilities for moving paint.  I am drawn to cloth, wood,

and paper.  Redefining chaos with acrylic, gel, brushes and palette knives;

introducing torn pieces of canvas:  this is my process.


As an Abstract Expressionist, my preferred style of painting is non-objective.

It is not my intention to paint figures.  However, occasionally an abstract shape will

manifest itself and become meaningful.


Each day renews my belief in the power of color.  It excites me.  It is contagious.  And

that’s why I invite you to explore with me.



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