Ev Niewoehner

Ev Niewoehner


Colorado State University

University of Northern Colorado


Niewoehner was born in rural Iowa and at age ten moved with his family to Colorado. He graduated from Fort Collins High School and later earned history degrees from Colorado State University and the University of Northern Colorado. He also studied art at several universities. After teaching at the high school level for four years, he owned and operated an art gallery in Los Angeles. Teaching opportunities brought him to Tennessee where he taught for twenty-one years.


After retiring from teaching, Niewoehner has been able to concentrate on his first love, oil painting. Although working with a number of genres, he has focused his efforts in four areas – abstraction, music-themed paintings, urban/rural scenes and surrealism. His paintings can be found in numerous private and public collections from New York to California as well as France and Morocco. 



Music is a universal language and for most people, it speaks to the heart and soul. For me, music is an essential part of life. I have developed at least four distinct styles of music themed paintings and have produced large bodies of work in each style.


As for landscapes/cityscapes, I allow the painting to dictate where it wants to go. One may end up fairly abstract, while the other may result in a very detailed painting. Some paintings come directly out of my mind, while others may come from a photograph I have taken; others may be the result of my interpretation of an antique black and white postcard.


Surrealism has been a fun and interesting area for me to work in. It started with a suggestion from a fellow artist to incorporate a pear, a guitar, and a doorway into a single painting. From there the creative juices started to flow and led me to painting parodies of works by artists such as Dali, Magritte, Hopper, Degas, Bruegel, and Manet.


Abstract painting has always appealed to me, but it’s been only in the last couple of years that I have delved into it as a painter. Although I may go totally nonrepresentational, I prefer to combine something representational in at least a small portion of the painting. For me it makes the painting more unique and interesting for myself and the viewer.


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