Little River Hotglass Studio

Little River Hotglass Studio


Sheridan College School of Craft & Design


Michael Trimpol began his career as a glassblower in 1983 at the Sheridan College School of Craft & Design in Mississauga, Ontario after completing studies for a BFA at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. He continued to refine his skills by participating in and hosting glass workshops with leading glass artists from around the world. 


Michael works with glass using traditional techniques, gathering and blowing the molten glass until each piece achieves the balance and harmony he is striving for. He often incorporates processes such as cold working, sandblasting and/or cutting and polishing in order to accentuate or focus on characteristics of the material. 


Little River Hotglass Studio products include functional bowls and vases, stemware, perfume bottles and more. All of the designs are original and unique to the studio and each piece is signed and dated.



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