Marty Whipple

Marty Whipple


Art Institute - Chicago


Marty Whipple is a former jewelry artist who has moved on to multimedia collage. She has always been interested in the juxtaposition of objects whether in jewelry or pictures.


After developing COPD, it became difficult for Marty to solder her jewelry, and she began to take an interest in collage and painting. Over the years, Marty has collected and been gifted a wide variety of collage materials, and she says if she can't find what she's looking for in her collection she will simply draw it herself. She says her art is an "assemblage" of collage, drawing, and painting. Marty creates organic botanicals that often include imagery of birds and chairs, both of which hold a special significance to the artist. Chairs, to her, are symbolic of family and home, and bring back fond childhood memories of sitting in a rocking chair with her grandmother. Birds on the other hand, she says are interesting and funny creatures that she finds she can create very narrative pieces with. When asked about her inspiration to create, Marty mentioned that after the passing of her husband, she immersed herself into her art as it was one of the only things she found familiarity in. She says that at her age she may not know the day of the week or what month it is, but she knows her art and that creating has saved her life.



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