Nola Smodic

Nola Smodic

Nola Smodic


Indiana Central University

Watkins College of Art and Design



Nola Smodic grew up in Northeast Indiana. In 1983 she turned her attention to visual arts, working in client homes painting murals and faux finishes in the 1990's. In 1999 she discovered her passion for jewelry design.


Mostly self-taught, Nola creates individual works of art using precious metals, gemstones from around the world, resin, portions of original art, insect wings, and bits of ephemera.



In the early 70's, when I was in the fifth grade, I took orders from my friends for macrame and magazine bead bracelets. When I rediscovered jewelry making as an adult, it was like welcoming home an old friend.


Creating jewelry is a perfect fit for me because I am deliberate, precise and dedicated to the details no one else likely recognizes. I love to play up the subtle, like celebrating the underdog.


My pieces are inspired by snippets of nature and memory. I work in precious metals, precious gemstones, resin, and bits of ephemera I have collected along the way. I add original paintings and photography where they make sense. Sometimes my jewelry is quietly symmetrical and elegant, and often it is quirky and playful. Color is the unifying element that brings balance and cohesiveness to my work. It is my hope that my artwork appears to have a story to tell. I invite you to add your story to mine and make it completely yours.

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