Pat Snyder

Pat Snyder

Pat Snyder


University of Kentucky


Like early modernists, such as Miro, I begin my paintings with an automatic drawing: no purpose, no plan, no research. I let my unconscious take control. One mark leads to another. Emotions and feelings move my brush. Color is added and I begin to respond to what gives me energy. I add more marks, scraps of paper or material. As the painting begins to take form, I may become aware of my unconscious moving to the conscious – a headline from the news, patterns from clothing I wore when I was younger, the colors of the fruits and vegetables I saw at the produce stand. I step back and observe the feelings and emotions the painting provokes.  I repeat this process until I am satisfied by what I see.


I live in Nashville and enjoy painting on large, often unstretched, canvases primarily using acrylics and mixed media



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