Theresa St. Romain

Theresa St. Romain


My work explores the concept of landscape elements to construct mini-narratives that connect to both the wearer and myself.  I have an urge for straight, clean lines and visual texture-a bumpy, rough, wandering texture, as if they were both grown and fabricated, irregular and planned.


Some pieces are like growths and others like landscapes; and others are signs for wearer.  I “peg” the little shapes of metal so that they lift above the back sheet or in their boxes; they look like they are floating.  I let them bunch together or tease them apart to add tension. I create the surface textures on the shibuichi with my torch (reticulation) and on the other metals with hammers and the rolling mill. 


At the end, I add a patina then rub it away to highlight the metals and textures.

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