Vince Sansone

Vince Sansone

Vince Sansone


MFA/Ceramics, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

BFA/Painting, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois


Often I am asked, why are all the faces so serious looking? My answer is the face is a caricature of my own face; an image I have used in my artwork for over 30 years since being in college.  The serious look is to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously because everyone else can see how ridiculous our self-importance makes us look. What about the bird? What is this? You writing a book or something? I don’t know, they are just for fun. I make them and where they find purchase is where they go. You got any more questions, talk to my lawyer.


Vince Sansone is a master potter.  His experience with stoneware shows in every piece.  At any given time he is a teacher, a student, and a participator in several arts organizations.  Through the ceramic process, Sansone transforms raw materials to create objects of beauty or whimsy for the home as well as the community.  He also enjoys drawing and cartooning.


Honors & Awards

Excellence in Crafts Award, 14th Annual Artists Forum, Brevard Museum of Art

Purchase Award, Orlando Artists Biennial

Juror, Individual Visual Arts Grants, Alabama State Arts Council

Merit Award, Red Clay Survey

Merit Award, Atlanta Arts Festival

Award of Excellence, Atlanta Arts Festival

Guest Instructor, University of Alabama Art Department


Selected Collections

State of Illinois Historical Preservation Society, Springfield IL

Orange County Library, Orlando FL

American Embassy, Madrid, Spain

White House Collection of American Craft, Washington DC

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